This Is The Man That Healed Cancer In 5000 People In Just 90 Days. Video Included

This is the cannabis icon, Rick Simpson who visited Belgrade when he heard about a topic on marijuana use. He healed more than 5000 people with cancer, by using this notorious herb.

The majority of people at the Belgrade debate said that they believed Broz was banner of cannabis usage, mostly due to pharmaceutics industry. According to Simpson, the cannabis was used for many years back, centuries, for treating diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, epilepsy and arteriosclerosis.

This man was a mechanical engineer and self-educated physician that tried this cure on himself 12 years ago, when he had evasive skin cancer. He said for Telegraph that cannabis is the most effective cure on the planet.

After a few failures on 3 lesions in the skin on the face, in 2002, Simpson was notified he had little time left. The lesions were multiplying after some time. One day he looked at the scars and recalled of one study about THC benefits with cancer, so he started to learn more about herb remedies.

At that very moment he used the cannabis oil. He applied the oil on some wounds and put bandages over them. After 4 days, the skin was pink and there was no wound. He shared this experience to a lot of people, but they rejected with laughing and disbelief. Now, after almost 12 years, his cancer never reappeared.

He helped many people, but he states how the last person was exceptional. It was an 80 year old man with lung cancer that was told he had only 2 days to live. He met Simpson in a worst possible condition; open wounds and swellings on the legs and really bad breathing.

Simpson said the best option is cannabis oil treatment. But the idea was refused when the old man’s son heard about it. Still, the son gave this a chance and gave his father some oil – incredibly, the old man started to breathe better after an hour tops!

The old man was notified that his vitals will improve before the death, but the son signed his father off the hospital to make sure there aren’t prescribed meds in his father’s system for 1 whole day. The man continued with the cannabis oil and after 6 weeks, there was no longer even need for insulin. In 3 months the cancer was gone! Simpson even said age is not a factor for such healings with cannabis oil.

For the treatment, Simpson needed raw cannabis and he slowly started to cultivate it. The police obstructed this field work several times in 3 years. As he said, if a person from North America says he can cure cancer, he or she will be possibly sentenced or threatened with 5-40 prison years. But, Simpson spent only 4 days in prison for this. So in 2005 he got a sentence for cannabis cultivating, owning and selling it. He got out with bail of $2000. But again he got a threat from the police, with 12 years in prison.

Simpson explained that some of the families of jurors were healed by cannabis and that fact degraded him the most! There was no allowing for jurors or doctors/patients to be testifiers, and Simpson didn’t get allowed to show his documented success stories. As he says, North Americans are brainwashed for cannabis unlike Europeans.

This made Simpson completely disappointed in all. He was never a drug dealer, he just gave cannabis to ill people to help them and even shared his success recipe on Since the markets have many fake oils, Rick advises how to make your own or recognize fakes. Still, his treatment includes only few tiny drops of oil, 3 times a day. He also adds how preparing this oil is easier and quicker than making coffee!

Further he explains, that is never late to start treatment with cannabis oil. The regular cancer oil dose is 60 gr in 90 days. Also, he promotes smoking cannabis, even though less effective, it is still healthy. The smokers of cannabis lived on average 6 years longer than those who didn’t. He appeals to all world governments to allow the cannabis cultivating as a cure method for medicine and allow cannabis in pharmaceutics if a person cannot grow it himself.

Simpson also explains that many people still don’t know how cannabis was used for centuries before this, of course as cure, even before Christ. That herb was primary wonder for curing among ancient Persians according to religious scripts. He also adds that every man has the essential right to heal himself with this natural remedy that nature itself gave us, and was abused instead by medical corrupted mafias.


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