An Ancient Remedy From Germany Cures Clogged Arteries, Infections, High Cholesterol And Boosts Immunity

This recipe is ancient German cure for many issues. It improves the immune system and cleans the liver too. Treats flu, colds and infections as well. Also, this healthy drink reduced bad cholesterol, fatigue and atherosclerosis.

For this healthy drink you need:

  • One root ginger (3-4 cm) or 2 tbsp grated one
  • 4 heads garlic
  • Lemon with peel
  • 2 l water

Recipe and method:

Wash the four lemons and cut in tiny pieces. Then peel the cloves garlic and blend the ginger, garlic and lemon. When you have a smooth paste pout it in a pan. Pour water and let simmer and boil. Let it cool and strain in a bottle.


Sip one glass daily on empty stomach or 2 hours before you eat. Add honey for scent or taste. Do this 21 days. Then pause 1 week and continue another 3 weeks.

From this healthy drink you will see results after the first 3 weeks. Feeling fresh and more energized is one thing. Also, vascular congestion will be relieved. Calcification in kidney stones will also be resolved.

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