With These 4 Yoga Positions You Can Remove Back And Belly Fat

Yoga is the greatest way to relax and also tone the body. It is demanding at times but the benefits and end results are worth it, both physically and mentally. You will be more relaxed, pressure will be lower, the body stronger and toned with lean muscles and less fat tissues and joints will be more flexible. This all reduces chances of injuries.

The stomach region is the hardest to shrink from belly fat, but with Asana poses you can change its shape to a more defined one at least. So, remember yoga needs also a healthy diet regime for the Asana to work.

Cobra pose

Lie down on the stomach and stretch the legs behind the back, forehead looking on the floor and palms under shoulders. The elbows must be tucked to touch the ribs. Deeply inhale and feel strength in the arms as you arch the back so that chest, head and shoulders too are risen from the floor. Keep the hips and thighs grounded. Rise up as much as you can in height. Hold this for 30 seconds and lower down. Do 5 reps with pause of 15 seconds in each. This is good for abdomen working out but also strength in the back and waist making the spine more flexible and bendable.

Bow pose

Lie on stomach and stretch the legs and hands too with sides faced up. Exhale slowly as you bend the knees. Make them closer to the buttocks as much as you can and try to reach the arms back while you grab the ankles. Deep breathing all the time and every pose is kept for 20 seconds, then release and exhale. 5 reps with 15 seconds pause between each pose. This strengthens the abdomen and overall the whole elasticity in the back and spine. It calms you and energizes as well.

Knees to chest

Lie on the back and stretch the legs out, keep the heels together close and arms should be at the sides. Knees must be bent and moved toward the chest. Grab them and pull them closely, as if you hug your body do this for a whole minute. Then, release the knees and exhale slowly. 5 reps with 15 seconds pause, again the same. This also focuses on the abdomen but spine too. Also, it increases good metabolism.

Sun salutation

This is a bit more different; it involves 12 different poses in a certain order. Look the link video below to see the details. Best is to do them in the morning. All of the body, every part not just the abdomen, is getting benefits from this. In fact, the salutations give you energy for the whole day. They also do a detox and fasten up the good work of lymphatic system. Even more, they improve the work of digestive tract since the bowel movements become more regular and not clogged. Abdomen gets tighter, spine flexible and weight loss easier.

Source and Image Source: healthtipsportal.com