Benefits Of Lemon Water You Didn’t Know Up To Now

A lot of people love lemons. Of course, they refresh you and are tasty. But, lemons are even better because of the fact that they are used in many situations for many purposes. A lot of the lemon water recipes are known to you, and some include honey too.

These are some of the best benefits

 Digestive health

Many professionals agree that digestion is the basis and pillar for the whole health. Lemons contain fiber that is crucial for digestion and healthy colons. Have a lemon water glass first thing in the morning to speed up metabolism and remove toxins in 24 hours.


For centuries now salt was used to rehydrate, every solution or drink contained salts; energy drinks or such are based on electrolytes and people drank lemon water to reduce dehydration. When people are exhausted from physical activities they lose the electrolytes  which are minerals like potassium, sodium or chloride, and this is lost through the sweat. With more water intake you rehydrate, but you need more than water. Like lemons let’s say. They bring more harmony to the body’s health and electrolytes balance.

Better eyesight

Kids are taught that carrots improve eyesight. But, today this is replaced with the lemon theory. Lemons belong to citrus family and have loads antioxidants and vitamin C so this combo protects the eye health from macular degenerations or cataract.

Smoother and softer skin

A lot of people find truth in this because water and a lot of it makes the skin healthy. Plus if you add to this lemon, you get perfect skin beverage. We said already, lemons give you antioxidants and with that wrinkles and aging is slowed down.

Healthier liver

To have overall health, pay attention to the liver. Lemon water is the best way to do so. Also, it removes toxins since it boosts the enzymes; lemon has citric acids that neutralize the bad bacteria.

Bunch of potassium

Bananas have a lot of potassium, but lemons too! They have this mineral in great amounts and this one is in the top 5 most beneficial minerals. Lemon water will cleanse kidneys and make brain, heart and muscles healthier.

Prevention from disorders or illnesses

A regular cold can be cured or prevented with ease, but studies proved that those who drink lemon water everyday have even less chances of such colds. Even if they get a cold, it will pass way sooner than usual. The reason for this is because of the vitamin C. the C is the best protection from viruses.

Beating inflammation

When we have some physical injuries, the body shows some inflammation or swellings and that is natural. But, inflammation that is chronic in some body parts can escalate to serious diseases due to high acidity in the system. Lemon water reduces this acidity and helps the body to recover and remove excess uric acid that caused that inflammation.

Better pH levels

The lemons are acid fruits, but this is not the same as increasers of acidity in the body. In fact, when lemons reach the bloodstream the change alkaline levels. How is this helpful? People need acid to aid the digestion and pH too, since too much acid increases chances of diabetes or cholesterol.

Speeding the metabolism

If you want or need to lose weight, lemon water is the right choice. Supposedly, this water speeds metabolism and thus calories burn. Also, you get pectin fiber that stops cravings.

Lemon instead coffee in the morning

Majority of us reach for coffee first thing after waking up. That is wrong! Coffee energy will last 2-3 hours tops, and lemon energy way more instead of fast decreasing afterwards. If you drink lemon for at least 2 weeks, you will feel less need for coffees and have constant energy.

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