There Are 4 Ancient Japanese Secrets For Staying Slim And Healthy!

The basic tips for staying healthy and fit are drinking a lot of water, exercising and eating a nutritious diet. However, each and every country has several ideas on its own on how to maintain a healthy figure.

For example, Japan has 4 essential rules that most people follow when they want to stay healthy, and maybe you will find them very helpful for your own wellness journey and your own health as well!

1. If You Eat Like a Sumo Wrestler You Will Look a Sumo Wrestler

Sumo wrestlers usually skip breakfast. They begin their morning with a powerful training, then in the afternoon they eat gigantic lunch and afterwards they go immediately to bed. Usually they eat twice a day, which means they have only two huge meals. This comparison maybe sounds too complicated, but let’s put it like this. If you don’t eat well, it doesn’t matter how much you exercise, still, you will gain weight. Instead of eating healthy food, you choose to eat overly huge portions or you decide to eat junk food all of that will outweigh the time and effort you have put into working out. You can maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle only if you balance your sleep, your exercises and diet.

2. Warmth is Life

The food is like an energy that we consume if we want to survive. So, the idea that warmth is life refers to this concept. Vegetables and fruits that flourish in winter contain a lot of calories that help in keeping our bodies warm during winter season, on the other hand the food that flourishes in summer are very helpful in keeping the body cool during hot days. Even though consuming raw vegetables, greens and fruits is the best way of starting a healthy diet, the body will also need occasionally warmer food. Therefore, the best way to establish that our bodies are receiving the nutrients we need in order to stay strong and healthy, is by eating a variety of nutritious food.

3. During Your Meals Avoid Drinking Liquids

Most of the people in Japan avoid drinking liquids while eating, because they believe is bad for digestion. The drinks take away the warmth from the body, the warmth that the body receives by eating. The reason for that is that liquids cool the body. The acid that is being produced from the stomach for digestion is being neutralized by the water, according to some scientists. Moreover, this causes the body to be in necessity of more energy in order to finish the process. However, you can give liquids to your body through the food you eat, like vegetables, soups and fruits.

4. A Hot Bath Prolongs Your life

Everyone loves a hot bath, right?  The hot bath will leave you stress free, your blood circulation will improve, your muscles will relax and you will feel calmed. Taking a hot bat every day, for many Japanese people that means improvement in digestion, clearer skin and eventually means prolonged life. 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be the ideal temperature.

Most of the American people believe that calories are responsible when it comes to weight gain and weight loss, so the ideas discussed in this article probably seem very strange to them. However, when the World Health Organization made a research about countries where people live the longest full in health, Japan came at first place with 74.5 years. This only shows that they are doing something right, for sure!

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