Ideal Weight According To The Height

To start, a person of 65 kg and 160 cm is an example. You might think that is good, but experts would say no. it is an esthetic issue and also healthwise too. The extra fat is not healthy and affects badly the blood.

Keep reading to know more on this topic about ideal weight for your own height. You have many ways to check this method, but  there is one universal one – BodyMassIndex BMI. Some doctors claim this is a universal chart, BUT since it is universal not everyone can use it! We all are different in bones, structure, muscle, fat and height. Girls in fitness are with broad shoulders and the others with narrow, gaunt figures, but skinny.

Experts also say to keep in mind health and weight are not connected, and they will never be as much. A healthy diet is not enough, workout is good too. With dieting, you lose weight but muscles also and you are not firm. Workout every day, eat every meal and drink water and healthy drinks. The chart for BMI however gives you the best weight info.

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