Learn To Make Ice Tea Of Many flavors

If you really like consuming ice tea, then you will like this discovery. There is something called “mother ship” for ice tea recipes! What is fascinating is the versatile varieties and options. You can become ice tea pro for making these recipes.

Let’s say, you have no limits to just one ingredient categories. Fresh herbs are also an option, like mint, spices, fresh juices or jams and you can use tea baskets for the jam. It is creative you must say! There are numerous varieties that are never boring.

It was fascinating for me to discover real breaking of rules now. Ice tea with caramel sauce? Legal and fine, but best advice is to not use sugar or sweeteners for best health benefits. The sugar is pointless since it causes bad health side effects on the tongue taste buds. You will surely enjoy these drinks!

You need to experiment here. Just one thing will be added – do not limit usage of ice tea only. Try recipes that include hot tea too.

If you want to use cinnamon, get the best cinnamon kind (Cinnamomum verum) in contrast with Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia). The most used cinnamon in the west is the cassia, a substitute for a great price.

Keep in mind most of these recipes have alcohol in them as optional addition and those recipes are only for legal drinkers.

Another side note for these ice tea recipes; it is suggested that you use tap water. If you don’t know the difference between tap and bottled or still mineral (all used for ice tea, try it now.  Another fact is that tap water is notorious for suspicions of pesticides in it.

Get some quality water, good tea and check out the recipes. (link included in text)

Source: herbs-info.com