Did You Know About The Unique Benefit Of Onions?

The onions are not just a specific flavor or food added to meals, but they are also cures for a lot of diseases or issues. They even affect symptoms like nausea and vomiting and act as an antibiotic which improves health and immunity with no side effects. Onion belongs to the allium family and offers a lot of sulphur which is in fact antiseptic and antibiotic. Also onions are full of quercetin, another antioxidant that eliminates free radicals.

Juice of onion is an expectorant and helps with breathing problems. Also, the onion is heart friendly, cures arthritis, diabetes or bad cholesterol levels. It is used as a natural cure and alternative medicine for centuries back.

Below are some ways of benefitting from onions:

Chest congesting

Crush an onion and mix with coconut oil, then apply this mix on the chest. Cover with towel or some t-shirt. This will relieve the congestion in one night.


Boil chopped yellow onion, in water and then let it cool. After that, strain the liquid and give 1 teaspoon to colic babies until some good results are seen. This is a famous and known Cherokee cure for colic.

Ear pain and infections

Chop onion and put it in a sock; tie it tight and well and put over inflamed ear. Remove this sock after you feel no more pain.


The onion film over its skin is good for stopping bleedings of cuts and plus it is an antiseptic.


Get one large onion and peel it, slice it in 2 halves and pour over them 1 tbsp brown sugar. Let that sit in a covered bowl for an hour. This combo should be consumed twice daily for easing up coughs.


Get an onion and slice it in thin circles. Rub your feet with coconut oil and put onion on each foot sole, then wrap it securely with plastic foil. Put socks on and remove them the next morning. Toxins will be removed from your body and diseases as well.

Clean air

Slice onion and put those slices all around the house. This will cleanse the air and remove bacteria or viruses.


This is how an onion will stop nausea or vomiting. Take a yellow onion and grate it, squeeze out the juice with cheesecloth and then brew peppermint tea. Let this cool. Consume 2 tsp of the onion juice and after 5 minutes consume the same amount of peppermint tea. Again, wait 5 minutes and drink the same amount of mint tea. Repeat this until you feel no longer the nausea. Even after the first dosage, vomiting can stop.

Other versatile onion usage

-onion juice repels insects

– Rubbing the juice on the hair stimulates it to grow faster

– Spray onion juice on plants against insects

– take fresh onion, slice it and polish with it some glassware or copper

– take half an onion and rub it on iron to stop rusting

– cut onion and with that piece rub skin against freckles

The Native Americans knew all these benefits of onion and have used it for seasonal diseases, flu, colds, but now the onion is famous due to WHO (World Health Organization) since it cures coughs, bronchitis, congestion or other breathing problems. You see, the onion is indeed a powerful cure for many issues, so remember it next time you feel sick.

Source and Image Source: weeklyhealthylife.com