With This Plant Inside The Home, You Get Rid Of Spiders, Mice And Insects!

The majority of species in numbers, on earth, are insects at the moment. They are family of anthropods and have bodies in division of parts, their cover is an exoskeleton that transforms with growth in a shell. They have peculiar and unique limbs and antennas, wings and other parts too. The insects are small to medium the most and beetles are the biggest for example.

There are too many kinds of insects out there, some eat plants and plant parts and others meat.

Usually we perceive them as not esthetically nice or harmful, but they play a big role in nature’s bio cycles.

A plant that repels plagues

The one and only primary role of most insects is to aid in decomposition of organic matter. Also, they are crucial for pollinizing in plants, both important for economic and ecology.

Beside this, insects are not pleasant to be in your surroundings and homes.

Now you will see a great way to get rid of rodents or insects. It is not like products insecticides, but still is just as effective.

It is all natural repellent that also has a really good smell.

You just need fresh mint leaves, from the aromatic plant with good health benefits, medicine purposes and beautiful scent.

Usage and how to

The preparing method is really easy, never been easier. You just prepare a nicely, concentrated strong mint tea. Pour it in a bottle and spray every house corner while paying attention to corners behind doors or window rim. The beautiful mint smell is an awful smell for the insects. This repellent will chase them off, and not just insects but rodents too, while refreshes the home smell at the same time!

Source and Image Source: supertastyrecipes.com