DIY: Clean The Sinuses At Home. Use Fingers!

We know the problems sinuses can cause, unpleasant ones like stuffy nose and even aches. If this happens, people are nervous because of it and just need to clear the pathways to breathe again easily. Allergies, colds, flu and other conditions like weather changes affect this issue and make a blockage to the sinuses. People use meds for this problem most often.

But, before you spend money on meds with possible side effects, try to remove pressure and nose tension, and ears by pressing certain body points.

  1. Tongue is important and pressing between eyebrows- those that really are determined for allergy meds or cold meds (while they have blocked nostrils), need or want pills for removing the mucus buildup. But, some naturopaths say it is better to remove extra head fluid. One Reddit user with great reputation, gym practitioner too, says that acupressure is really useful for such problems. To put it differently, people have to press some points to trigger some fluid flow and aid the nose to be cleared again. This user also says the best pressure spot for this is in the mouth.

He even adds that if you press the tongue against the roof of the mouth and press one finger opposite the eyebrows at the same time, it will ease up. Keep pressing for 20 seconds and you will be relieved. When the pressure starts, with both tongue and finger, you will see some movement going back and forth and again vice versa in the throat, meaning the buildup gets softer and more liquid for easy removal.


Just in case you failed at this method, try the pressures but this time separately. First, press in the mouth and secondly press the eyebrows for a short while. Experts on acupressure say this point where the eyebrows are is a Yintang acu-point.

  1. Pressing across eyebrows- if you notice stuffy sinuses moving upward in the head, try another pressing point that aids in cleaning the nose and upper part of sinuses. Lynn Vitale, massage therapist, suggests pressing the fingers across eyebrows to move a bit the blockage material. Just place the fingers in the beginnings of left and right eyebrow, where they don’t connect and lean the face forwards. Do this 4-5 seconds and you can feel some movement. Now, move the fingers toward central part of both eyebrows.

Stay in that position until you feel lighter in the sinuses. Following this, move the fingers at the eyebrows’ ends. Now, make circular movements with the fingers to trigger even more flow.

  1. Mini massaging- we agree that massage is a great relieving for any body part, but also a mini massage works wonders for sinuses. Such massage also makes better flow of the blockage. Rely on the fingers to do the job and make pressure against the collar bones a few times to feel downward movement. A famous masseuse, Heather Wibbles, advises to stay calm and do the right thing when you need to cleanse the throat. She adds, that ears can give you the feeling of cleansed area when the pressure is gone.

If you feel discomfort during this, use some other method technique. Make a V shape by crossing the hands and do the same movement of pump up on each side of the neck; this stimulates release of lymph fluid release. No matter what you choose to do, the fluid will be moved in some way. That is the whole aim of these methods.

Keep in mind that sinuses have movements regularly

We already mentioned that sinuses are blocked and stuffy inside for several reasons, but know that using medicinal products and medicines is not always a guarantee of success for this problem. You can add a bit of pressure on some body parts to remove this discomfort, so try it if you suffer from sinuses problems.

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