Your Stomach Is Not Fat, It Is Just Bloated!

No one wants a big stomach for esthetic reasons, but healthwise too. It looks unnatural, it is heavy literally and uncomfortable and also goes side by side with gasses and aches. Sadly, many people experience this all the time during their lives.


What causes belly bloating?

  1. Not enough water – many health problems are due to dehydration. This can become even worse with more coffee or alcohol ingestion. Can you remember the last time you drank 8 glasses of water? Drink up!
  2. Constipation- another issue is this one so this means eating more foods with fibers. The gasses trapped in the feces must get out somehow. Try at least to not worsen this on daily basis. Eat your veggies and fibers. Eat whole grain bread. Also make smoothies with berries and avoid the white breads and pastries.
  3. Fast eating- if you don’t chew the food long enough it will be slowly digested and bloating is inevitable. So make small bites and chew slow.
  4. Chronic stressing- one of the most crucial reasons for bloating. If you are stressed out the digestive tract is upset and cannot work well. Of course the constipation plays a big role, but still try not to stress too much.
  5. Carbs – the bloated belly may be triggered by too much bad carbs. So stop consuming sugary foods, coffee, alcohol, white pastries and flour, and opt for fruit veggies and healthy carbs.

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