If You Need To Stop Smoking, Read This!

Smoking is really unhealthy it is a known fact. If you stop this, the health will improve of course and this is far better than having a short pleasure from smokes.

The smoke of cigarettes has a lot of carcinogens that harm people around the smoker too, not just him! Even worse, most passive smokers are children.

Here you will see an amazing cure to help you stop smoking. Read below more!

To quit is really hard and not as easy as people think by going cold turkey for example. Everyone hat has ever quit knows it is hard. In Psychology Today an article published some facts; majority of those that quit always relapsed in the first year. You can find many supplements or patches, but mostly they are just deceiving you for a short time.

A devotee, Richard Webster has dedicated years to explore behavior issues in people, including smoking habits.

As to merriliynhope.com, the baking soda is a cure that could help you stop this nasty habit, Webster claims. Other experts backed this up since the soda as a direct instant effect that you need soon.

This is a technique for using the baking soda for stopping smoking

Just dab baking soda on the tongue when you need a smoke!

Important to know: this is a technique that is not good for people on low sodium regimes or those with hypertension.

From N.Y. Farmingdale, Joanne Fanizza, said that she read an article about a doctor’s quote that supposedly quit. He mixed 1 tbsp baking soda in8 oz water glass and drank it 2 times daily during first 7 days and in the second week just once a day. As a smoker of carton per week, the two glasses of this during the weekend tasted similar to Alka Seltzer. Then on Sunday and Monday only 2 cigarettes were smoked. On Tuesday just one. Then zero after that. She continued to make this beverage in the following days after the quitting too. She didn’t even wait until the second week. Now it has been 20 years and still no smoking.

Sidenote: the baking soda cannot be a replacement for a healthy diet or healthy drinks. Also, do not drink this limitlessly all the time. Use it a few weeks and then stop to pause. Too much amount of baking soda can pressure the kidneys.

Source and Image Source: lifehealthandfood.com