Mix 1 Drop Oregano Oil And Water And See Amazing Results For The Lungs

During certain seasons of the year you might sneeze and cough a lot, so this means you suffer from allergies that are called seasonal. These seasonal allergies like any other type of allergy creates and develops in the body when the immunity becomes hypersensitive to certain things around us or foods that are seasonal.

To have an allergy is frustrating for doing everyday chores and activities in nature probably, but most allergies and their reactions are temporary if they are treated not to get out of control.

The oregano oil is really popular as a natural herb remedy for such conditions. It is used topically most of the time like for example for toenail fungi, warts removal or moles. But it is not recommendable for open wounds and deep cuts.

The oregano can fight many infections like fungi and even candida, also cancer cells, colitis, asthma, inflammation or respiratory problems as well as allergies.

It is also proven it can balance out hormones and ease up symptoms of menopause in women, and even ease up menstrual issues. It is a really healthy ingredient you should have in your home.

This essential oil is really concentrated and powerful so use it wisely.

Cleanse of lungs with oregano oil

Diffuse it in your own home and inhale the vapor from it. Put 1-2 drops on your hand and rub the palms of each other while warm to inhale. Wash the hands really nice before you touch the eyes. Then mix 1 drop oregano oil and honey with warm water. Mix really fast since oils and water don’t mix well and can separate. Avoid this after the 10th day, so 10 days is enough.  If you use this too much the gut bacteria and flora can be damaged or there could be toxicity in the liver.

NOTE: the oregano oil is not good for use with children or infants. Also, pregnant women and nursing women should not use it. Also, it is shown that this oil can also lower the sugar levels in the blood, so people with diabetes should also avoid it or at least consult a doctor first.

ANOTHER PRECAUTION: that content above is information from several people and organizations so it may be a reflection of different points of view. Before you use it talk with a doctor of course.

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Image source: lifehealthandfood.com