A Miracle Beverage Cure – Relieve Joint And Leg Pain. And Soothe Back Pain Too!

If you suffer from back pain or leg and joint pains, and even stiff neck you suffer terribly on daily basis. This could occur to you from several reasons like unhealthy lifestyle, sedentary positions, poor posture of body and stress. Also not enough workouts. You have tried to ignore pain, but as it gets worse you notice you cannot ignore it. But, try this recipe to relieve pain:

Take cold water and 150 g gelatin for eating. This amount lasts for 30 days at least. In the cold water put 5 g of edible gelatin and stir. Leave it that way until morning. If you place in fridge it will become jelly. Consume this every day for a whole month, before you eat breakfast on empty stomach. First results are after 1 week. The process can be repeated as much as you want during 30 days and even after a few months too. A pause in between must be at least 6 months. To add some flavor, add honey, yoghurt OR juice.

This is really tasty and effective too. This drink is also great for the bones, cartilage, collagen and tendons because of the link with amino acids and tissue recovering.

Also, the immune system benefits from this, the ligaments become stronger, etc. The gelatin aids with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis preventing in time.

Source and Image Source: supertastyrecipes.com