Treat Saggy Eyes And Eyelids With Natural Cures

People who have the condition of looking tired with saggy eyelids know the frustration for esthetic problem. That loose skin looks bad for applying makeup for example and makes you  look older too, that is the tricky part. For the majority of people this is naturally occurring through aging of course, but also other causes could be nerve damaging, diseases, genes or injuries.

Plastic surgery is the obvious easiest and expensive cure but it is not affordable to everyone. However don’t give up there are natural cures. There is a cheap cure at home that you could try and you just need one egg!

Eggs are a super food of course, but also are used for beauty purposes not just omelets and breakfasts. For centuries back they were used in many beauty regimes and ideas for home cures.  People used to mix them with other ingredients for such uses. Like facial masks, hydrating skin, prevention from acne, treatment for skin and hair, blackhead removal and tightening of skin and reducing pores too. This is what you need to do:

Clean your face nicely and dry it with towel or tissues. Open an egg and remove yolk from white. Crack it on a plate for easier removal of these two ingredients inside, empty a water bottle a plastic one and just make a vacuum to take scoop of the yolk. With a cotton ball or swab apply egg white to the lids. Use up as much as you can scoop from the white but be careful not to droop from the eyelids. BE CAREFUL ALSO NOT TO GET ANY WHITE IN YOUR EYE. Keep the eyes closed all the time until it dries and then wash with cool water.

The results are visible right away and improved in a few days too.

Do this once a week or tops twice, but if you want you can do it every day or every other day but avoid this often usage. Of course, no side effects since this is natural treatment with no chemicals. Don’t wait and open the fridge to have a beauty treatment.

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