5 Atypical Signs Of Colon Cancer That Are Ignored For Years!

The colon cancer is really frequent, not always deadly or scary but a lot of people get it. Only in 2016, 140,000 people got it – either in the form of colon or rectal cancer.

This cancer is not new or some new dangerous form, it is common, but many people can’t see symptoms until too late for treatment. This is because the signs of this cancer are so unnoticeable that is impossible to react too early in most cases.

Today we will talk about the usual symptoms and unusual symptoms of this cancer  and how to prevent it.


The cramps in the belly can signal a lot of things, not JUST cancer of course. Pain in the belly is not a panic sign.

But, if the cramps and pains don’t stop after a while and last long and painful, see a doctor as soon as possible.


This symptom is also overlooked because is so vague in general. These modern ages make us tired all the time and under stress and fatigue, so you understand why is overlooked.  Usually it is because of hectic lifestyle and no sleeping.

But, even if you sleep enough but still are tired, you might want to check this symptom.

The main fatigue reason for cancer is this link – cancer feeds on your energy. Also, this cancer could result in blood loss not just fatigue.

Strange losing weight

If someone is losing weight rapidly and strangely in short time, it might signal a grave illness. This is known as unexplained weight loss when you lose 5 % of the total weight in less than 6 months. Let’s say someone of 150 lbs loses almost 8 lbs in 6 months. This could but not necessarily be a cancer.

We mentioned how the cancer strives for our energy and at the same time makes the immunity weak to prevent it from fighting off other infection or diseases.  That is why people with cancer lose weight.

Also regarding the colon cancer, a big tumor could sometimes form to stop and make blockage in the colon and affect the bowel movements. This also makes you lose weight.

Worse and irregular bowels

It is normal that many people will pay attention to bowel movements; especially the consistency, timing or appearance. These factors can signal several problems about the health.

Another thing is colon POLYPS; small grape bunch-like formation that could transform to cancer and affect the bowel movements and tumors. Such tumors are impacting the large intestine and the changes in the stool.

Source and Image Source: forhealthylifestyle.com