Use This Oil To Regrow And Thicken Eyebrows, Eyelashes And Hair

Many people don’t notice the benefits of castor oil for skin or hair, it is sticky and dense, but really useful. It is cheap and natural and perfect for skin and hair problems. Use it!

Why is castor oil good?

The castor oil is a power remedy for thin hair. It also reduced scars and makes lips really smooth.

Cure for hair and brows

Purchase cold organic and pressed oil, hexane-free. Apply it to the eyebrows daily at night after washing the face.

Do this 3 months in a row to get thicker eyebrows. Best time to apply is at night.

How does it work?

Put castor oil on the head, brows and eyelashes. It is good because it has a lot of ricinoleic acid. That acid is a cure for fungi and bacteria and aids in regrowth of hair.

Also, this oil works because of the thickness and density while covering the hair layer. It is full of omega 9 fatty acids and nourishes the hair and follicles around it. It penetrates the pores nicely.

The castor oil provides great gloss and shine so immediately start using it.

How it helps for hair growth and regrowth

Take only 2 drops of the oil on the palms. Rub and stroke the hair ends. Don’t put more to avoid greasiness. Gentle strokes and only 2-3 drops of the oil. Use this oil also as scalp treatment cure for regrowth on the roots. You can spread it by using apricot kernel oil (melted) or coconut oil.

The pure form of castor oil thins the edges if the hairline, so is aggressive in a way. Put it on the eyelashes lightly. It will make them stronger and more thick and prevent falling off.

Have smooth lips and stop scar tissue spreading

This oil is a miracle for keloid scars and many other scars and tissues with damage. It penetrates deep in the skin layers and heals them. It softens the skin also and breaks down deep in skin layers too! This is what makes them smooth.

This oil also stimulates white blood cells. It removes inflammations in certain skin tissues. It accelerates healing of wounds and reduces scar formations.

Plus benefit from it is lip protection too. The lips regenerate fast by nature, but often they are dry and peeling if you are dehydrated. Castor oil is also used as lip gloss! Both healthy and pretty usage!

The founder of, Danna Norek, made a line of products about skin care nar and body care too. They contain castor oil; the lip balm is mainly made from it and is incredibly shiny and protective. This line also has a Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo without sulfate! Other cosmetics from the line are Deep hydration Conditioner, an MSM face cream with vitamin C and natural deodorant too.

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