Make An Easy Bug Spray Repellent To Chase Away Bugs For Good

In the summer a lot of people suffer from bug bites and need help to get rid of them in the house especially.

The Stanford University made a study that ants get in closed spaces depending on the weather. The products of pest services are really unhealthy. According to the reports of National Library of Medicine’s Toxicology Data Network, at the exposure time, cypermethrin – one out of 2 ingredients in the Raid Ant & Roach Spray make short breaths unbearable, coughs and congestion too. Also triggering of asthma and wheezing breaths.

The main ingredient in these insecticides is nerve agent that is an obstacle to the nervous system of insects through direct contact with it. The same toxins affect humans the same if enough amounts enter the body.

Don’t use harmful chemicals anymore to chase away the ants from the home, instead use peppermint essential oil. Sprinkle it in the kitchen angles or bathroom’s, where ants go the most. They despise strong odors and smells so this will confuse and mess up their scent receptors, also it will drop heavy on their tiny bodies so they crawl through the chemical itself.

Homemade repellent – natural

  • 30 drops clove oil
  • 30 drops peppermint oil
  • 4 oz water


Mix all the oils and water in spray bottle of any kind. Shake and stir nice. Spray wherever you think is possible for ants to go. Repeat unlimitedly. It is safe natural and effective.

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