Doctors Promote Anti – Hot Dogs Habits For Kids. Read Why!

Doctors alert every parent out there to stop giving their children hot dogs!

A lot of the USA population eat hot dogs and don’t even know they are poisoning their bodies and this also goes for their kids too.

As to a latest study, kids that ate more than 12 hotdogs a month, had 9 times more risks of leukemia! Even worse, another research said kids that ate hotdogs more than once a week had chances of brain cancer.

This doesn’t just go for children. Men who ate hot dogs before conceiving were more likely to get the risk. Also, pregnant females were more likely to have children with brain tumors, since they consumed more hot dogs.

And, what is the problem?

It was an advice that nitrates in the hot dogs cause health issues.

As to the Canadian Cancer Society, the nitrates are like preservatives and stop spoiling of food and plus add coloring to the food.

The nitrates and nitrites do not cause cancer by themselves but still in some health issues the nitrates combine with amines (from meat) and create N-nitroso (nitrosamines and nitrosamides) that cause cancer.


The vitamin C is a good block shield for forming cancer and also helps in reducing the risk of getting cancer related to such chemicals.

How can we avoid Nitrate foods

  • Minimal ingestion of processed foods, cured meats or canned food and cold meat cuts
  • Reading of labels and avoiding sodium nitrate or potassium nitrates (and nitrites)
  • Organic produce and foods
  • Diet regime with many antioxidants and vitamin C which stops and blocks cancer forming (conversion of nitrates/nitrites to nitrosamines)

See for yourself how hot dogs are made.

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