Scientist Unveiled A Cancer Cure Hidden For More Than 60 Years

The Nobel Prize nomination number 6 went to Dr. Johanna Budwig, and this means we should praise her work and efforts. She died in 2003 but during her life work she managed to cure cancer in 90% of her patients. She managed somehow to permanently remove cancer cells with ingredients that were not toxic and gave no side effects.  Because of that success, Budwig became a notorious nemesis to the pharmacy industry and nuclear industry too. They opposed her practice since the 50s, and that is why most of us don’t know a thing about Budwig’s advices.

She claimed she had the answer to cure cancer, sadly American doctors don’t want to hear it. They just observe all the methods and are amazed, that’s it. They actually want to steal that method and make money from it instead help people. She wouldn’t do that and instead walked on her own way.

The cancer related industries are all fake and lies

For example, Big Pharma makes a great fortune from patients on deathbeds, meaning healthy people and deceased are of no use to them. So now is a bit more clear why this industry doesn’t want to “find” the cancer cure. Sadly, cancer is great profit to them and they will do anything in their power to stay that way.

UNHOLY cancer trinity

Acidosis, radiation and toxins triggered by pharmaceutical products and bad nutrition or malnutrition cause cancer. Acidosis is the last stage of the grave condition, when the body’s chemistry is highly acidic and the blood cannot carry enough oxygen through the body. The oxygen level in the blood of healthy people is 98-100 measured with pulse oximeter, on the other hand cancer patients have only 60. In those people the oxygen is replaced by carbon dioxide. Lack oxygen in the body can lead to tumor formations and mutations due to energy requirement from fermentation of sugar. Biochemically, this is not a clean process and those fermentation waste products pile up in the tissues and make high toxicity. This makes acidity even higher and starves the cells of oxygen. In the end, cancer cells are multiplied and become fatal. These backed up facts were proven by Dr. Otto Warburg, a winner of Nobel Prize in 1931.

Against cancer, the best weapon is oxygen, the Budwig Protocol is a stimulation of oxygen supplies quicker and better than other methods and therapies – the pH of the body is adjusting beyond neutral level into alkaline state. If the body reaches this alkalinity, the blood has enough oxygen and acts poisonous to cancer cells.

This protocol is a base of a solution use from flaxseed and quark cheese. Her discovery was that fat free or low fat diets are harmful actually. She removed the bad fats that make cells starving of oxygen and replaced them with good fats instead. Also, accent was put in sunshine due to the natural vitamin D source.

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Anti-cancer Budwig protocol

This protocol is made of 2 stages. First one is 100% natural, mix of protein-sulfur from quark cheese omega 3 fats of flaxseed. Discovery of Budwig was that the body can synthetize omega-3s from flaxseed oil in the exact needed quantity. She added that with no fatty acids, the respiration enzymes don’t work properly and the person can suffocate even in air with oxygen in the open.  Lack of good fatty acids damages many vital functions. Firstly, we cannot get enough oxygen amount. Survival with no food or air is impossible so is the same with these fatty acids according to her.

This cure is taken orally, but in complex stages Budwig recommends flaxseed oil in enemas. The 2nd Budwig protocol part is a special diet regime. The people have to follow through at least half a year, no matter the symptoms.

The medicine itself!


  • 1 cup quark cheese (not from homogenized milk)
  • 2-5 tbsp flaxseed oil or 10 supplement capsules OR 3 tbsp fresh ground flaxseed (remember the flax oil must be used right away when exposed to air
  • Cayenne a pinch

The diet:

  • Get away from sweets and sugars, grape juice or sweetened juices
  • No pure animal fat, lard, fatback, dripping
  • No salad dressings
  • No mayo
  • No non-organic meats
  • No butter and margarine
  • Only fresh squeezed juices of carrot, beet, celery
  • Warm tea 3 times a day; mint, rosehip, grape and honey as sweetener
  • No artificial sweeteners like fructose syrup
  • Chemical free diet
  • No processed foods
  • Reducing meds
  • No soft drinks
  • No tap and bottled water, avoid fluoride
  • Only fresh prepared food

More tips:

  • Flax seed protected from air, heat or light. Must be cold pressed and organic
  • Avoid fish and non-flax sources of omega 3 acids
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • Take chlorophyll
  • Have a green drink often
  • Vitamin C every day, not more than 5 g to avoid kidney stress
  • No sunscreen or such products
  • No white bread, white rice, sugar, salt, flour and similar
  • No table salt; pink expensive salt instead
  • Replace perfumed soaps and detergents
  • No soy or canola oil
  • 1 spoon cold pressed coconut oil daily
  • Oxygen drink several times a day

Budwig’s books

  • Oil-protein Cookbook, Sensei Verlag 2000
  • Cancer – Problem and Solution (Krebs, Das Problem und die Losung) Sensei Verlag 1999
  • Flax Oil as a True Aid against Arthritis , heart Infection, Cancer and other diseases (Fette als wahre Hilfe gegen Arteriosklerose Herzinfark, Krebs 1972

As last words, important to know is that Budwig protocol is an outcome of deep research by Budwig, made possible after her efforts on studies on fatty acids revealing. This combo of cottage cheese and flax oil is a miracle in the kitchen too.

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