By Removing These 8 Habits The Waistline Shrinks

Many of us all the time want to remove that stubborn belly fat and be slimmer. But, this happens because of bad habits during the years of bad diet and no workouts.

Now you will read about the worst habits to avoid in order to slim down:

  1. Too much stress- the metabolism changes when there is too much anxiety. It causes the mind to signal more cravings and this makes you overeat often
  2. Skipped meals- it is a myth and a mistake to starve or skip meals to slim down faster. It is a catastrophe to eat once a big dish instead of few ones smaller portions.

The best meal of the day is breakfast, and it is the most often missed meal.  For optimum results have 4-5 meals a day, smaller ones and don’t eat after 8 pm.

  1. Not enough sleep- the hormone levels are disturbed when you don’t sleep, especially the leptin and ghrelin. The ghrelin is responsible for hunger and can cause or stop cravings. So get enough sleep, at least 7 hours every day.
  2. Fast eating- eating fast causes many problems. The food has to be chewed at least 30-40 times before swallowing. It was researched for many years about this 30 times chewing of food; so the body requires at least 30 minutes to completely digest food BEFORE it feels full, be careful! Eat slowly to signal the body about having food inside.
  3. Centre isle shopping- this isle has all the processed “attractive” foods and drinks for cravings. Avoid the isle or simply program yourself to stay away from sugars, chips or sodas.
  4. Caffeine – the cortisol is the stress hormone in excess when the body has too much coffee inside. Also this cortisol hormone triggers the cravings in the body, those for fats and sugars.
  5. Not enough water- the metabolic functions will be excellent if you drink at least 2 liters water per day. Also, you will reduce heart attack risks with this. The sodas and drinks with artificial chemistry and sweeteners (diet soda, coke, coffee flavors, flavor water and cocktails) MUST NOT be a water substitute.

A lot of processed foods- these foods have a load of fat and sugar and are the greatest enemies to any diet regime. Avoid cakes, frozen foods, sodas, cookies, sweeteners, white sugar and flour. Avoid them and see the belly shrinking!

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