Fill Those Cavities With No Dentist Around

To go to the dentist can be stressful and overrated. The teeth go under drilling and filling processes and go through anxiety from that too. It is called dentist stress.

There is good news though. You don’t have to see the dentist for this. Do it yourself at home.


The teeth have 4 layers that are prone to damage. Those same layers are able to dissolve if cavity appears.


A lot of symptoms can signal this to you, even if you don’t have the classic decay. Usually, there are spots and discoloration, pain during eating, aches and hypersensitivity on hot and cold foods. These can be removed without a dentist. If you hate going to the dentist, read more.

Fill the cavities without a drill

A recent study in Japan made a new way to fill in the cavities. It was all in a discovery of a paste, similar to the tooth enamel (hard mineralized shell for protection or first tooth layer). This paste can fill in the cavities without drilling. Do not worry anymore, no need for medical help.


This study showed the possibility of cavity filling is the same as the dentist’s office process. With no drilling, you can resolve the cavities and stop spreading decay and bacteria are decreased. But, this paste can be only used in the first stage of a cavity.

How to do it and how to use it

The paste is high in concentration of acid with hydrogen peroxide, so careful not to damage the gums by improper use. For home use, consult a doctor first.


The paste can be bought ONLY by dentists so their patients can buy it from them. The effect comes in 20 minutes tops. From next year, officially, this paste can be found anywhere.

Prevention of teeth decay

To prevent cavities, you must maintain good oral hygiene. Brush the teeth at least twice daily with good quality toothpaste, after that use a good mouthwash and floss. The natural replacements usually have coconut oil or castor oil so you can also use them.

Apart from this, the diet is also incredibly important for the teeth. Everything we eat is linked to the re-mineralization process. More minerals in the diet, healthier teeth. Still, the brushing is most important of all things to consider. Another natural cure for mineralizing is eggshell.

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