Learn How To Make A Detox From The Feet

The best effective way of detox is through the feet, they can release all the toxins you have inside. This method is effective and simple and doesn’t require certain foods to be eliminated of the diet and it is a safe procedure too.

There are various many methods out there like detox foot spa or detox pad; electric or homemade. These all cleanse the bodies naturally and safely. Here is their work process:

Detox pads for feet

These pads have extracts in their structure and are found in any health store. They go by the terms detox patches  and originate from Japanese alternative medicine.

By putting these pads right before sleeping at night, you will have a lot of toxins removed in the morning. With just one usage, the pads will be dark from absorbing all the toxins during the night. Those that tried them had less headaches, joint aches or fatigue chronic situations.

Ion detox feet bath

This ion foot bath is an electrical method that makes negative and positive ions in warm and hot water. If you ionize warm salty water with alternating polarity, while you properly breathe, this method works amazingly. You will also enjoy and relax while you soak the feet and cleanse them.

While you do baths like this, toxins are literally chased away of the body. Bad diets also contribute to toxin buildup, so stay away from junk food, processed food, sugars and sodas. Also, be aware of air pollution, breathing in toxic material and chemicals, so at least try to work out and be active.

Source and Image Source: healthyss.com ; losingweightdone.com