Here Is How To Remove The Ticks That Appear In Humans


If you sometimes hiked in the woods or camped, you must have been warned to watch out for ticks. There are a few ways to stop the ticks from getting to you to bite you or give you diseases, but you still have the chances to be bitten by a tick. Read below about removal of ticks on humans and future prevention.

How can a tick be removed

If you don’t want professional medical aid, you can do some tricks at home by yourself. Follow these advices:

You just need good quality tweezers, paper towel and a pair of gloves. DO NOT REACH FOR THE TICK BAREHANDED!

  1. With the tweezers, get the tick next to its mouth where it is actually sucked in your skin.
  2. Don’t pinch the tick on its body or stomach, that way you can squeeze it and it will only release more saliva and blood in your organism.
  3. Take the tick out GENTLY, place in ziplock hard bag and freeze it!

When the tick is removed now, clean the area with gentle soap and mild warm water. In case a rash appears, or headache, flu or joint pain several weeks after the tick, see a doctor right away.

Symptoms of a tick bite

Usually there are no obvious symptoms, but some people can manifest allergic reactions like:

  • Swelling on the bite place
  • Pain
  • Blisters
  • Burning skin

The worst thing that could happen is difficult breathing or anaphylactic shock! If this happens, immediately call medical help!

To remove the head means to stop an infection from occurring or spreading on the bite place. The majority of ticks won’t give you a disease or serious health problems but they must be removed on the spot.

Tick-caused illnesses

Averagely, for a tick you won’t have to go to a hospital. However, if a tick gives you a disease, it is better to seek medical advice. CDC made a list of 15 diseases of ticks, including the Rocky Mountain spot fever or Lyme disease.

Prevention against ticks

Good for us, there are many alternatives for prevention to avoid these bites.

If you want professional tick removal, see the local Ehrlich branch and learn more about tick and mosquito prevention from bites.

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