What The Shoes You Wear Are Trying To Tell You About Your Back And Knees

All of the Americans have strange taste in shoes. We can get the latest fashions and trends, that is great. But, if the comfort and health of the feet is questionable, it is time to choose the safe option.

The fashionable shoes on the market are not all comfortable and good to wear. Point being:

So, to put it this way, if you feel knee or back pain, the shoes you wear are probably wrong for you.

The knees have a lot of pressure because of the weight they support during movements like walk or run. The knees are designed for this weight bearing of course, but they can be severely hurt if the weight is improperly divided on them. Especially heels do this.

What is even worse is the fact that people with BMI of more than 25 with each extra pound bring burden 3 times more on the knees and joints during walking, and 10 by running! If this is the case, change shoes immediately to avoid further damage.

How to decide if the shoes are good or they need to be changed

Jenny Kitchen, a podiatrist said that the pain is a first important indicator of something not good.

All females complain on feet pain because of shoes, blistered feet, aching, swellings after a night out. it is almost the same with men who wear nice fancy shoes too.

Keep in mind foot reflexology is right always; we are wrong to put fashion before comfort, looks before health.

Jenny Kitchen adds that if you have such problems, spend more money to get the best of your shoes. Not necessarily a load, maybe 60 or 80$ to get good quality shoes that absorb, with good heel solid surface and deep toe space to be able to move the toes freely. That is enough for comfort at a good price. Unless you run, then you really need to spend much more.

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