If Your Kidneys Are In Danger, These Are The 8 Signs Of It

Our kidneys are located under the rib cage under the ribs. The do all the cleansing and detox in our body because the cleanse 150 quarts blood a day. They are crucial for keeping the body healthy and clean of toxins, since the kidneys take care of extra fluids or waste material.

Electrolytes are controlled by the kidneys and the bones and strong because of them too, the red blood cells are multiplied and the blood pressure is even more improved. Now, when the kidneys are not healthy, the whole body collapses.

These are the 8 danger signs:

  1. Swollen areas- if the kidneys fail or slow down, excess fluids stay in the body and this makes us swollen and chubby around the joints or limbs, and the face.
  2. Altered urination- troubled urinating, dark urine, less and in small amounts, pressure, foamy urine, pale color or too dark color, night urinations
  3. Skin rash- extra buildup in the body leads to kidney diseases and the skin gets rashes a lot. The waste goes directly to the blood and the skin looks unhealthy and damaged. With lotions and cosmetics it can pass only for a short while, but the problem stays inside no matter what.
  4. Fatigue- when our kidneys function well, they naturally create EPO (erythropoietin) the hormone that creates more blood cells and bring oxygen everywhere. When the red cells are too low in number, we have fatigue in the body, muscles and brain as well. Also this is known as anemia too.
  5. Shortness in breath- this is not uncommon, but it can be associated with kidney problems. When we lack oxygen in the body, it means we lack red blood cells that bring the oxygen anywhere. Their amount is connected to all the toxins from the lungs.
  6. Metallic mouth taste- the blood waste buildups can change how we taste everything and even cause bad breath. Another sign is change in appetite that is extreme.
  7. Pain- the upper back pain is obvious sign of this problem. The upper back is where the kidneys are at. Kidney stones even worsen this situation.
  8. Low focus and dizziness- low oxygen movement in the body is clearly an anemia and kidney fail too. It decreases focus and makes you dizzy and light headed, and impairs the memory capability.

Eat healthier and include more antioxidants either in food or supplements to improve the health of kidneys.

Source and Image Source: thebesthealthyhabits.com