Make The Skin Resistant To Eczema Permanently

The eczema is a term for many problems that create inflamed and irritated skin. More than 20% of infants get it and 5% adults too, but these numbers increase by the day because of bad diet habits and pollution in the surroundings. The go to medicine and cure for eczema is an over the counter corticosteroid cream that temporarily hides the symptoms, but does not remove it completely. Those chemical creams like topical immunomodulators can increase the risk of getting cancer. Read below about effective and non harmful medicines to try out even if you have serious skin problems.

Many doctors and professionals still do not know what causes the eczema and they are not mistaken; there are many causes for it: soaps, detergents, cosmetics, dust, pollution in environment and bad diet with processed foods.

There is a good reason why you should get away from corticosteroid creams as medicines; they simply don’t solve this issue and do more harm. Also, you can get addicted to them because of the instant temporary relief. If you stop using them out of a sudden, eczema comes back even worse. Then, the body will require stronger aid and medicines to fight it and you will acquire immunity to such medicines that with time will become useless. You can only do one thing firstly, let the body fight this by itself to create a shield barrier protection. Also, change the diet regime and bad eating habits to improve immune system.

Heal this eczema issue with nature


1. Burdock root- this root is great for removing inflammation and remove inulin as well that is a close link to eczema cases. This is a root from a herb that contains really important vitamins; folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, vitamin E and vitamin C for optimal healthy body. The C and E vitamin are known as antioxidants and help the body to block infections that are invasive. Also, it contains minerals too; manganese, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, calcium and phosphorus. Make a tea with this and sip it daily.

2. Bentonite clay infused water- the bentonite is made of little things called platelet both with positive and negative charges. When the clay travels and moves it will expand significantly, similar to a sponge, and absorb water as it travels. It will soak up many things like toxins that are positively charged, as much as it can hold. It makes the skin healthier by soaking up these toxins and improves circulation as well, by decreasing the inflammations and oil production.


If you use this at least 2 times per week, you will be amazed. Keep in mind that some skin issues can get worse by bentonite clay treatments since the toxins get out on the surface, not everyone is the same. Of course, this is not unusual and it will get better after one or two weeks, depending on the serious situation or less serious one. Just mix the clay with apple cider vinegar or some other natural herb vinegar and leave this way over the whole night.

3. Fermented cod liver oil- a modern way of making cod liver oil is pulling the oil out of the fat tissues of cod fish only when cooked. The cooking of this fish itself will remove a lot bioactive ingredients of the useful cod oil, but still it is useful. There is also a traditional producing of the oil makes it more nutrient and healthier and this is because of the fermentation in comparison to the cooking of the fish.


Both of the DHA and EPA are anti-inflammatory. The omega 3 fat acids reduce the inflammation in severity and also relieve some symptoms of eczema like red skin, blisters, inflammation areas. Besides this benefit from them, the omega 3s are to be found in the cells of skin too. If the blood level of omega 3 drops down, skin is dry, irritated, flaky and cracked. If you have omega 3 deficit the skin cells will go through more keratinization.

So, if there are no acids like these, the skin and its cells will be damaged and destroyed with more dead skin accumulated over it.

4. Neem oil- this oil comes from the Neem tree and it has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory , antiviral, antimicrobial and anti histamine benefits. It will kill any bacteria it meets on the body, it will increase microorganisms on the skin that reduce itching and redness, and swellings too. Also, it has a lot of vitamin E among many fatty acids as well and makes the skin soft, elastic and healthy.


The Neem has great levels of antioxidants that protect the skin surface from the many pollutants in the environment. Carotenoids are in the structure too, they are similar to the carotene as we know it and they give us many antioxidants to protect us from free radicals. If it is absorbed, the skin will get rejuvenated and repaired in no time.

5. Olive leaf- this plant is antiseptic by nature and that means it blocks bacteria from harming you. If you have eczema and scratch it all the time, the skin is more prone to getting infections this way. The olive leaf keeps any surface clean and hygienic. Since it is an antioxidant it can prevent upcoming damage before it reaches your organism cells and cause eczema.


Some traditional cures from this leaf are antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, but also have anti-aging benefits that keep the immune system intact. This leaf contains polyphenols which are strong antioxidants. Actually, the liquid of these leafs has twice as much antioxidants compared to green tea and four times more compared to vitamin C.

The olive leaf prevents damage in the stomach from free radicals. This means it makes sure that harmful substances like pathogens or toxins that cause inflammation never reach our blood.

6. Transdermal magnesium- this magnesium Is really powerful in the fighting against deficit of magnesium and inflammations in the skin cells. Some people claimed the benefits of applying magnesium; the effects were amazing and it seeps into the skin directly and instantly.


Usually it is prescribed by experts and practitioners, it is easily purchased or already in our homes. Just spray it on the affected area, or use gel lotion form, or even better take a bath with it in the water.

7. Gamma- linolenic acid (GLA)- this is a strange form of fatty acid in the primrose oil, black currant and hemp oil too, and it is difficult to get a reach of it. There are many genetically modified versions of safflower oils promoted as healthy due to the high GLA levels. Humans naturally produce GLA from linolenic acid that is present in many types of oils, egg yolks and butter too. A content of 500 mg GLA, twice daily for 8 weeks has a great impact on the skin, nails and hair.


8. Coconut oil- take Virgin coconut oil that has the Medium Chain Fatty Acids or known as medium-chain triglycerids (MCT). Compared to trans fats this oil has good useful fats that soothe the eczema skin areas. Lauric acid is one of the components too that is antibacterial and antiviral.


It is easy to apply you just need to rub it gently and touch it on the skin areas. Make sure you spend money on the natural and organic oil, NOT refined one, deodorized or perfumed and bleached. Many people swear by this to heal eczema or baby’s skin issues with no medicines.

9. Fermented foods and probiotics- such foods include kefir, tempeh, miso soup, kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, microalgae, kombucha and many more. They all have one important type of bacteria that thrives where certain colonies are missing.


These food items aid in prevention and treatment of eczema since they replenish and revive damaged bacteria, they protect the organism from pathogenic infections of bacteria, promote alkaline balance levels and acidity in intestines and give overall a homeostasis and protection of the immune system.

10. Kelp- the sea kelp or known also as sea weed is a brown, large algae type that lives in oceans and kelp forests. It is used in many cultures and countries as food and medicine at the same time. In medicine, it is used in the shape of pills, concentrated liquid or as additive in many products as well.


This sea kelp is good for therapy of the skin overall and it improves the look of skin. Ingest it or simply apply concentration of kelp to the problem skin areas. Kelp heals and soothes dead skin cells and skin underneath, cures the eczema quickly and skin becomes healthier.

11. Colloidal oatmeal- in 2003, unbelievably almost, the Food and Drug Administration claimed that anti irritation products for itching or eczema were preferred to have colloidal oatmeal. This is the first time this agency had ruled something actually really useful and healthy for the masses of people.


If this is combined with some liquid, oatmeal can act as colloid that is where the name comes from. When the small grain particles, or molecules spread in another body (body of water let’s say), they will change for good in that medium and change the water itself for example. The nice thing about having a colloidal bath is that the oatmeal does not sink at the bottom where you lie.

To make colloidal oatmeal, you need well crushed and pulverized oats. This makes it more possible to absorb water or liquids of other kinds. If you add this type of oatmeal to bath waters, it will immediately create a milky and slippery structure in the water – this is what covers the skin and moisturizes it, making it soft and protected.

This oatmeal has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation, antioxidant properties too, so it can be used as cleanser, buffer or for moisture to damaged skin. This is due to the chemical content of the oats; these starch foods and beta-glucan compounds are o=holding water for the skin and on the skin. The phenols in them are ultraviolet absorbers, the saponins are cleaning the surface and cellulose and fibers in the oats make the skin amazingly softer.

12. Topical salves and creams- these must contain at least one of the herbs listed to remove the itching and eczema and heal the skin properly. Best example is the chamomile (Matricaria recutita) cream. In addition, chickweed (stellaria media), marigold (calendula officinalis) or licorice (glycyrrhia glabra) also are of great help. The witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana) cream will remove itches and liquid from it will soothe the irritated or oozings in severe eczema cases.



Tomatoes, paprika, eggplant, tobacco, peppers of any kind, goji berries and potatoes. All these food items and night shades have toxins that put pressure on the immune system.

Also, sugars the refined ones especially since they cause inflammation a lot. White, cane sugar or fructose corn syrup. Don’t use the artificial sweeteners too (aspartame, sucralose, saccharine, sorbitol…). The chewing gums should be limited and if something says diet on the label, don’t buy it.

Avoid shellfish, yeast, fried food, smoking, smoked foods, peanuts and stressful situations.

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