Improve Eyesight And Reduce The Strain With 5 Acupressure Points

Our bodies have certain points more sensitive than the others. Eyes are an example for this. For every eye problem, consult a doctor or try some acupressure techniques to aid in daily activities and improve eyesight.

The most important acupressure points

1. Eyes rim – the eye orb is surrounded by bones and these bones have a few pressure dots that are linked to issues and pain of the eyes. The points to consider are:


UB-1– Jingming, the spot of the inner eye corner next the nose. Related to glaucoma, hysteria and vision loss and even cataract. It is located in the bladder channel, inner side.

UB-2– Zanzhu, in the urinary bladder channel, placed in the middle between eyebrows next the nose too.

Yuyao– middle point of an eyebrow, connected with anxiety or mental pressure from too much work.

SJ 23– Sizhukong, in the triple burner channel on the outer side of the eyebrow. Aids in face problems and eyesight.

GB-1-Tongziliao, again the gallbladder channel, it is in the outer side corner in the eye socket of the eye cavity. Aids in dry eyes, sore eyes and itchiness and blur vision.

ST 1– Chenggi, right under the pupil in the infraorbital ridge. This dot helps in eyeball problems.

Every one of these dots needs pressure like a soft massage, start with B1-1 and go down and outwardly. Focus on every point at least 10 seconds. Do this at equal intervals, while you breathe deeply to get enough oxygen in the eyes. Be slow and don’t rush.

2. Third eye- people think this is located between the eyebrows, at the T zone the very top of it. Press it gently for 8 minutes. It is probably the most important pressure point in the face that relieves stress and improves vision too.


3. Nose bridge- this is under the inner corner of the eyebrow along the nose line. Gently press it on each side at the same time with the thumbs. This removes fatigue and eye strain.


4. Nostril top edge- on every side of the nose, put some pressure where the nostril flares up. Aids in blur vision or nose problems. Do it for at least 5 minutes for best results.


5. Thumb tip- the thumbs tips directly link with the muscles of the eyes. So, put pressure, gently on them and massage one finger with the other to remove strain in the muscles or pain. Do this often and the sight will be greatly improved.


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