Follow Simple Rules And Do A Sugar Detoxing In Just 3 Days

The sugar addiction Is really more and more evident in the USA and it even causes shocking results of obesity in people, diabetes 2 type, cancer and heart problems. This is due to the amount of sugar, sodas and junk foods Americans eat on daily basis.

Five common signs of sugar addicts:

  • Defense against criticism for sugar intake
  • Eating for satisfying cravings, not hunger
  • Hiding sweet stuff around the house
  • Eating these things even though health forbids it
  • Regarding with sugar

It is like a double sword situation. The more sugar you ingest, the more you need it and crave it. You will gain a lot if you quit sugar for good, or at least reduce it to minimum. You will have energy, feel better, have better skin and sleep better too. It seems impossible not to reach for sweets, but it is possible.


Day 1

Breakfast: 1 cup oats, add in it berries or seeds and almonds, also add 3 eggs boiled or scrambled to this dish

Morning snack: 1 small bowl nuts or seeds

Lunch: 1 chicken breast medium size and butternut squash, cooked, beet salad with turnips, parsnips, carrots and beans.

Dinner: broil some fish and make a dish of green beans, boiled, or salmon with broccoli on the side and mushrooms too.

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 cup steel-cut oats with almonds, berries or seeds. On the side, spinach scrambled eggs.

Morning snack: 1 small bowl seeds or nuts

Lunch: zucchini on the grill, red and yellow peppers with lemon, thyme and vinegar dressing, or instead cabbage salad from red, green cabbage and carrots. Add olive oil, salt, parsley and lemon.

Dinner: make soup of baked cods and steamed or boiled veggies with veggie casserole. Or just make stir-fried bok choy, roast Brussels sprouts with turnips too.

Day 3

Breakfast: 1 cup steel cut oats with berries or seeds and almonds. Or have an omelet with 3 eggs, kale and seasoning.

Morning snack: a small bowl of seeds and nuts

Lunch: roast chicken with lemons, sage and rosemary or roast it in oven with thyme, onion and olives.

Dinner: soup made of mushrooms, celery, garlic, thyme, bay leaves and carrots. Or make penne pasta made of brown rice and add sauce of mushrooms, basil and tomato.



Sugar detoxing beverages and drinks

Drinks are just as much, if not even more, important than food or as food itself the same. Drink a lot of things that make you hydrated through the whole day to function well and healthy. Say no to sodas and sugar drinks and drink water and tea instead, or natural juices. These healthy ones will help your metabolism to speed up and flush the sugar from the body.

  1. Detox water: get blueberries, grapefruit, strawberries, oranges and mint with rosemary spice, put all these in a big jar and add water to the top. Place it in fridge and sip it all day long.
  2. Tea: green tea is the best for fighting sugar cravings and toxins. You can have it at least 2 times a day minimum
  3. Coffee: limit yourself to only 1 cup a day, don’t add sugars or creams!

This plan is really easy, applicable and possible as you see! If you follow it through, you are on the right track for succeeding.

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