With 2 Drops Garlic Olive Oil You Can Remove Ear Infection And Pain. Recipe Below

At least 2/3 of children have ear infections even before their 1st birthday arrives. For parents this sounds devastating and scary, but these infections are easy to treat and remove with the right treatments or medications, and even without.

But, parents feel more secure with antibiotics and medicines instead of other treatments. These meds can harm the gentle ear of the child even more, without knowing that there are DIY recipes that have no side effects, chemicals or reactions on youth’s skin. First, we must understand what is an ear infection and how it is treated.

What is exactly an ear infection?

This type of infection is also known as otitis media and is the number one reason of pain in the ear; it is caused by a bacteria in the middle ear in the center, located right behind the ear drum next to the inner ear. Often ears can hurt or get infected during a cold or a flu. This happens due to the link between the middle ear and breathing organs in the respiratory tract – the link is a tiny narrow channel by the name Eustachian tube. The bacteria from the troubled tract can go in this tube and cause ear infection as well.

These infections can happen to anyone of any age, but the most affected are children and babies. They are such a target to these infections that the number of visits to doctors in the US is 30 million! Experts on this topic say that this is because the Eustachian tube in babies and young children is stir underdeveloped. In development stage, this tube is really soft and cannot stay open for a long while, so bacteria builds up over and over and gathers germs that create infections.

Apart from babies and children, other target groups are:

  • Men
  • People who have a history in the family of such infections
  • Bottle fed babies
  • Children at daycare
  • People who are not smokers, but second hand smokers
  • Cleft palate people
  • People with bad immune system or respiratory problems

Over the counter medicines and side effects from them

Almost everyone with this problem tries out medicines first before anything else. But with such meds you will surely expect some side effects at least. Here are some of them listed below:

  • Troubled breathing
  • Hives
  • Swollen face, lips, throat or tongue
  • Black and bloody stools
  • Stomach pain
  • Strange bruising and bleedings
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever and chills
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Vaginal discharge and bleedings

Not just these side effects, but too much antibiotics can even trigger new bacteria development in the body too. This is more than enough to turn to other methods of healing instead of harmful ones.

Garlic and olive oil treatment

This kind of healing has been popular for a long time, many centuries so far. This remedy is so useful and effective because it has really powerful ingredients that are antimicrobial by nature.

The garlic is antimicrobial, organic ingredient that contains allicin. This allicin compound was proven to be effective in producing gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and strains for drug resistance. It is also antifungal and antiviral by nature, which means treats an infection no matter the cause.

The olive oil on the other hand also is antimicrobial, but can soothe irritated or infected areas too. This oil according to a study, also can make bacteria strains grow more, it was tested against them at the time; the experts assigned this antimicrobial properties to the phenolic ingredients in the solution itself.

Garlic olive oil natural cure


  • Half garlic clove, minced
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


Heat the oil on small pan or pot. Add the garlic inside when the oil is hot. Decrease the heat gradually and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Then, strain the oil and leave no garlic remains in it. Let the oil cool to room temperature. And pour 2-3 drops in the ear that hurts.

Always make fresh batch of this cure to get the best results.

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