Carrots: Natural Remedy For Cough And Lung Phlegm (Recipe Too)

Carrots are great vegetables, healthy and tasty too. They have a lot of B carotene and vitamin A, important for the eyesight.

They also contain vitamin C, B, and K and many more minerals like: magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium.

Not just good for the eyesight, but carrots also help the bowel movements that are disturbed and the immunity too. They are healthy to be consumed by people with asthma, bronchitis, cough and other breathing issues and problems.

This is a recipe that is good for all ages, children and mature people and it treats coughs in a wonderful way because it removes the phlegm out of the lungs.



½ kg carrots

3-4 tbsp honey

Cut the carrots in nice thin slices and pour water over them to make them soft while they boil. Take them off the heat and mash them slightly with a fork. Then, keep the water!!! When it is cool add honey to that water. This should be added to the mashed carrots to make a syrupy concoction. Refrigerate it.


This is a safe recipe as we mentioned, for all ages, so use it often without precautions. After only one or 2 days maximum, you will see results. There will be no more annoying phlegm and coughs.

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