Beat Arthritis With 7 Herbs And Remove That Pain

Arthritis is a difficult condition and causes a lot of trouble to those who have it. Even worse is that the right medicine is still not found and researches go on and on. But, there are ways to ease up this condition with natural options and no medicines at all. By using spices or herbs or right foods, you can heal the symptoms.


This is a type of acid contained in incense. It is a really good antioxidant in effect and eases up the pain caused by this condition. This is great because in comparison to medicines, this one has no side effects whatsoever. Boswellia affects circulation directly and the blood flow in the body, especially the veins that are inflamed and damaged, so it is of great help for damaged joints from arthritis.

Green tea

This tea is great for many purposes not just this one, it is a miracle herb tea. Probably one of the best antioxidants in natural form and must be incorporated in every diet.

By drinking it, you reduce the chances of rheumatoid arthritis; in a way this herb blocks out all the enzymes that damage the cartilage and protect the joints.

Willow bark

This was used through history a lot, even back in 500 BC, ancient Chinese healers used this to eliminate fever and pain. It was also used by Native Americans for headaches, muscle pain or rheumatic pain. With this herb you will eliminate osteoarthritis and joint pain, especially in the back, neck, knees and hips. You have supplements on the market available, but tea is even better.


The turmeric is best for anti-inflammation purposes and fighting arthritis too. It stops and blocks the paths of inflammation and decreases the chances of making a protein that causes pain and swellings in the was also said to be a natural form of ibuprofen, used in any given chance to fight pain and fever.


This plant has a lot of tannin, which is closely linked to bone pain caused by conditions like arthritis.


For many centuries, it was promoted and praised by traditional doctors of India, in purposes like swelling and pain removal made by arthritis. Nowadays, some researchers have stated that enzymes which affect protein diluting, like protolithic enzymes, have anti-inflammation effect.

Aloe Vera

This is an amazing plant and one of the most used herbs there is for many conditions and health problems. Aloe Vera is a great healer, natural basis medicine and most popular for skin abrasions and beauty purposes. The gel of this plant can be massaged on to joints that hurt.


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