How To Remove Your Gray Hair With Potato Skins

At some point in our lives we all get a gray hair. Some of us get it in the earlier period of our lives, some of us in the older stage of our lives. Gray hair can also be genetically transferred from your parents.
The easiest solution is to dye your hair in a color of our choosing. But this method of covering the grey hair is full of harmful chemicals that are not good at all for your scalp and skin.

If you want to cover the gray hair in a natural way here you go!

But before we give you the natural remedy read the following:

The store bought dye contains the following harmful chemicals.

PPD:  Is short for para-phenylenediamine. It has been used as a wood preservative; therefore any contact with the skin is highly recommended to be avoided. The combination of PPD with Hydrogen Peroxide is extremely toxic and can easily lead to cancer.

Ammonia: This is a highly corrosive and irritating gas with a pungent and suffocating odor. Remember that ammonia can give you caustic burns and irritation of your lungs.

Parabens: The color dye also contains two of the most common parabens preservatives like Methylparabens and Propylparabens. They are used in hair care products and can result in severe allergies and skin irritation.

Resorcinol: This integrand can cause irritation to your scalp, and it is bad for your endocrine system.

So what’s the alternative, you may ask?

The potato juice.  Are you surprised? Well I was too. The skin of a potato can cause darken the pigment of your hair. We don’t recommend this method for blonds, because it is not working. But for everyone else is the best remedy ever.

This juice will soak into your silver hair, it will slowly sink in and it will bind to the core of the hair. All of this so it can create a semi-permanent hair color.

How It’s made and what you need?

6 potatoes

2 cups water

1 old, clean squeeze bottle


Follow these Steps:

First of all peel the potatoes. Put 1 cup of peels in a pot. And put the potatoes in a bowl.

Pour 2 cups of water all over the skins, and put it on a stove and heat it to boiling point. Then reduce heat and let it0 simmer for about  5 minutes.

Strain the mixture into a bowl. And toss away the skins.

Let the mixture cool down. Then pour it into a clean squeeze bottle.

While taking a shower, wash your hair, and towel dry your hair. Apply the potato juice on your semi-dried hair and let it soak in.

And then towel dry it again.

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