The Best Elixir For Deep Wrinkles And Scars

We often underestimate the power of rice and its valuable contents. Bur rice can be very useful for your skin and it is one of the best natural composite treatments that can boost rejuvenation and skin smoothness.  It is rich with squalene and linoleic acid; these are powerful antioxidants that activate the collagen release in our body. With this process we are getting wrinkle free appearance, also it can protect you from the sun rays.  Rice also contains a valuable amount of Vitamin E and gamma oryzanol which can lower the cholesterol levels and give us better heart health.

This article is purpose written just to give you the recipe of this magical elixir of youth.  It is natural, chemical free, and it will reduce the amount of wrinkles and even improve your overall complexion.

The magical ingredients:

-Rice: 45 grams

-Honey: 15 grams

-Milk: 15 ml.

Frist of all cook the rice. When the cooking process of the rice is done make sure you don’t throw away the water from the rice, than let it drain and throw in the other ingredients.  Be sure to clean your face before applying the mask. When the first step is done apply the mask and let it dry completely. Now it is time to use the rice water. Use it to remove the mask from your face, with soft and gentle moves.

The final results:

  • The use of rice water with its powerful antioxidant abilities will successfully eliminate the wrinkles, it will moisture your skin and it will stimulate the circulation of your bloodflow.
  • The use of the anti- ageing mask will smoothen the wrinkles, it will give elasticity to your skin, it has a power to firming up your saggy skin instantly, it will make your face look more energizing and youthful.

Are you pleased with the results?
You can apply this mask on your face every seven days, and you will look at least 12 years younger.


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