Beet Juice, Do You Even Drink It? Start Right Away And Magical Cleansing Effect Will Happen To Your Body

Beet, the little powerful purple veggie that is rich in chlorophyll, even though it is bitter, the greens of this veggie have way more powerful nutritional value than their roots.

The builder of the blood with its betacyanin that is giving its rich color just like ‘amethyst’ and can easily reduce the levels of  homocysteine.

Nutritional Benefits

Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and vitamin C. You won’t believe but the greens of the beet have more iron than the spinach.  Even more they are extraordinary source of: magnesium, calcium, copper, sodium, iron, etc.

That is not all. The sweet beetroot is also an exquisite source of choline, iodine, folate, organic sodium, potassium, fiber and carbohydrates. The finest quality is its iron content that is making this veggie amazing food for blood building.

Health Benefits of Beet

We all know that beets have always been famous for its unbelievable health benefits for every part of your body.  You want a heavenly goodness in your body? Then drink its juice,  you can even mix it with other juices.

Acidosis:  Its alkalinity is effective and essential in combat against acidosis.

The cure for Anemia:  Its over the roof content of iron regenerates and reactivates the red blood cells and is supplying you with fresh oxygen. The copper content in beets can help the iron be more available to your body.  Nice a?

Atherosclerosis:  This amazing juice is a powerful solvent for the deposits of inorganic calcium that cause your arteries to get harder.

Blood pressure:  Its healing values can effectively normalizes the blood pressure, with the part of lowering the high blood pressure or even elevating the low blood pressure.

Cancer:  The amino acid in beetroot Betaine has anti-cancer properties, and it is protective against the colon or the stomach cancer.

Constipation:  Its cellulose content can help you ease the bowel movements. Drink beet juice if you want to help relive chronic constipation.

Dandruff: Everyone hates these little white suckers. You want to get rid of them? Then mix a little amount vinegar with a cup of fresh beets juice. Put it directly on your scalp and massage it into it. Slowly with your fingertips and leave on for an hour, then rinse it off with water. Do this until the dandruff clears up. Warning: you will not smell nice during this procedure!

It is good detoxification cure also, with its choline content from the juice you will not only detoxify the liver, but also your entire system from alcohol abuse.

Gastric ulcer: The elixir is here. Just mix honey with beet juice and drink it two or three time per week every morning on empty stomach. This will help you speed up the healing process of the ulcer.

Liver or bile:  Beet juice can help you with: hepatitis, food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, etc.  A freshly squeezed lime with the beets juice can improve the efficacy  in the treatment of the aliments mentioned above.

Varicose veins:  It can help you to keep up the elasticity of the arteries.

Don’t overcook them, because in that way you will destroy all of its essential nutrients. Remove the skin before cooking it. Choose the ones that are not wrinkled and the ones that are firm.


If you have a history of oxalate- containing kidney stones you should limit the consumption of beets.

Don’t consume it too much, cos they are very potent. If you are a beginner start with a half of medium sized beetroot once per week (in liquid form), and slowly increase the amount per week. The juice can cause dizziness because it is cleansing the toxins from the body.

And don’t forget to drink water, plenty water.


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