9 Easy Secrets To Consume More Healthy Food

Healthy food.. Well, you like eating all the kind of foods that you love and at the same time you are gaining extra pounds?
There are a lot of ways to improve your diet and stop the gaining weight process. Read these nine easy steps that will help you make your dishes healthier and consume more healthy food. You can eat your favorite food and be on a diet at the same time. Isn’t that great?

  1. Fat content- Reduce it

Here are few quick, easy and tasty changes you can make during your cooking process. If you are frying the food that you are preparing swap the oil and butter with healthier alternative: olive sprays.
Or if you don’t like the taste of it you can start by dry frying your food. All you have to do is to take the no sticking pan, with this equipment replacement you will significantly cut back on the calories in the food and you will reduce the fat content.


  1. Increase the fiber content

If you love pasta, bread or rice we are glad to inform you that there are alternatives that have similar taste and offer the same textures but are way more better for your body. It is simple and easy- just swap the white rice with brown one, switch the pasta by whole wheat pasta, and brown bread can be swapped by brown bread.  If you make these changes you can increase the amount of fiber in the diet. And if you want improved digestion and bowel regularity start now.


  1. Reduce the sugar content

Start by using less sugar each time you are baking or creating something sweet.  Cakes will have the same taste, and you will notice that the deficit of sugar won’t change the texture, not by any means. Try adding a lot of fruits in your baking; with this step you will have natural sugar in your sweet creations.

And also don’t forget avoiding savory ingredients that have high levels of sugar such as tomato ketchup, if you like the taste of tomato just switch the ketchup with fresh salsa and you are good to go!


  1. People, reduce the salt

Even though you probably love salt, it’s bad for you. Salt can put strain on your heart and can result in poor circulation. You can easily reduce the intake of salt. You can start by reduce the amount of salt that you are using or get rid of it entirely.  Make a transition from salt to exciting herbs, pepper, mustard, etc.  You can experiment with lots and lots of new flavors and trust me they taste way better than salt.


  1. Trim your meat

The lean meat is always crucial part of your diet, but almost everyone forget about the fat that comes with the meet straight from the butchers. Although the fat provides very pleasing and tasty flavor, if you are looking to lose some weight, trim that fat right now.  Frying the meat is not a healty option, grill it, roast it or boil it.  Don’t want to lose the juice from the meat? Then put it in silver foil and fill it with every spice you love and adore.


  1. Eat your veggies!!!

It is simple, just throw in a lots of extra veggies while you’re cooking, what’s so hard? Throw away the fatty ingredients, and replace them with flavor cooked veggies mad with perfect infusion with all your favorite spices. You can soft cook them or leave them crunchy enough to give your dish a little tasty and different texture.


  1. Use less cheese

You probably won’t like this step but a lot of cheese, no thank you! You can still use cheese but you can replace the mild cheese for smaller portion of blue cheese.  The blue cheese is excellent alternative because even the biggest fans of cheese can’t digest and eat a large portion of blue cheese, cos it’s like too rich.


  1. Use healthier dips

Why using store-bought dips, fat cream, milk and other sauces which have high levels of fat and sugar?
Everything is replaceable. Switch from double cream to Greek yogurt, the full fat milk with skimmed milk. The ketchup, with salsa. Using more fresh ingredients is a good rule to live by. The fresher it is the better for your body.


  1. Reduced fat stews

The last but not least, reduce the fat and salt content in the stews and the broths, and increase the fiber content. Also you can achieve this step by cooling down your stews, and take of the fat that is forming a skin on top before consuming it.

Source: dailyhealthremedies.com

Images Source: dailyhealthremedies.com